Is Smoking And Cancer Connected?

Most people think that they know the real connections between smoking and diseases. They immediately think of lung cancer and may even know someone that has died from this terrible disease, due to their smoking. But in truth, the connection between smoking and cancer is much more detailed than this, and involves many more parts of the body than just the lungs. Every part of the boddy is affected by smoking.

What Parts of the Body Are Affected

For example, did you know that smoking and cancer of the uterus is related? As is cancer of the entire male reproductive system as well. Many cases in either men’s or women’s reproductive systems are traced back to smoking.

Smoking and cancer of the mouth and throat are an obvious choice, but there is also the strong possibility of contracting of the tongue as well. Have you ever known someone that needed to have their entire tongue, or parts of it, removed because of cancer? It’s not a pretty sight, that’s for sure.

There is also a connection between this addiction and cancer of the kidneys, larynx, head, neck, breast (in both men and women), and liver. As a matter of fact, there is a connection between smoking and just about type of cancer one can be afflicted with.The blood, which should be delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients to the parts of the body, is now acting as a courier for terrible poison.

Why the Connection?

Just why is it that there is such a strong connection between smoking and cancer of just about every part of the body? The answer is very simple. The toxins in cigarettes are contained in the nicotine, and nicotine is absorbed very quickly and easily in the bloodstream. The blood of course reaches every pore and every cell of your body, and because of this, those toxins are carried to every part of the body as well. The blood, which should be delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients to these parts of the body, is now acting as a courier for this terrible poison. In this way, there is a connection between them of virtually every part of the body.

Other Concerns

Of course, anyone looking to quit smoking probably knows that there is more to be worried about than cancer . This habit is connected to early onset of Alzheimer’s, virtually every disease of the lungs and respiratory system including bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma, and is suspected of causing birth defects in children of women who smoke.If you’re looking to quit smoking, there is virtually no reason for you to not follow through on this resolution. Help is available, and you owe it to yourself to get just that.

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