How Anabolic Steroids Harm Body Builders, Looking Great At The Cost Of Your Health

How anabolic steroids harm body builders. This is one of the most controversial topics among all of the body building community. Were not here to day to get into the debate as to whether the use of steroids will harm the sport of body building or if it is a moral scourge that somehow will bring about the downfall of the entire sports world if allowed to go unchecked. Those are arguments that are best saved for the locker room and the halls of debate. The purpose of this article is to explore the foundations of how steroids affect the body of the body builder based on confirm-able scientific evidence.

Steroids are not something that re new to the sport of body building they have been used in some form or another for over 40 years. Some of the biggest names to ever complete have admitted that they used steroids at some time in their career even if for a short time. The choice to use steroids is one that the individual athletic must make for themselves. They have to weight the pros and cons and deal with the moral dilemmas on their own personal level. But in making this decision, they need to have the most information about what these drugs will do to their bodies and what to expect in the long run from their use.

The most common side effect associated with the sue of steroids is mental changes that can include sudden and dramatic mood swings. These mood swings are often associated with anger or aggression. Other mental issues associate with the use of steroids include severe battles with depression, delusions especially delusions of grandeur, and paranoia. The paranoia mentioned is often associated with jealousy or mistrust due to the fact that the other person is physically inferior. Overconfidence to the point of “bully syndrome” is also very common.

Sexual dysfunction is very common among users of steroids. Severe testicular damage is noted as is the destruction of sperm production capability. Many user experience a shortening or thinning to the size of the erect penis, and issues with impotence or loss of penile sensation. Damage to the prostate is common as is reduction in the amount of semen volume up to and in some cases to the point that ejaculation is no longer possible.

Cardiovascular damage can be caused by long term use which leads to high blood pressure. This also leads to an increased risk of heart disease which can contribute to heart attack or stroke. Liver damage has been reported in 1/3 of all cases and sudden onset diabetes has been seen in persons despite no recorded family history of diabetes.

Physical issues can include unexplained trembling of the hands, severe dizziness that never goes away, reduction of hearing or eyesight, difficulty sleeping, permanent aching in the joints, and other problems. Urinary malfunctions and issues with bowel control are often associated with long-term use.

Increase risk of some types of cancer including testicular, liver, prostate, and intestinal. It Cancer need more be explained. The steroids can cause a rapid acceleration in the growth cycle of certain cells, when the cells duplicate too fats they can often times mutate. This mutation can lead over time to the formation of tumors that can become cancerous. Again its cancer, that should be enough said.

When looking at how anabolic steroids harm body builders, you have to look at the many varied reasons. There is not just one reason or one set of reasons. Steroids affect almost every system of the body. 90% of these systems they affect in a negative way. The use of steroids in body building is a personal choice of the athlete, that is true. They are officially banned but that is not going to stop those who are interested in using them. Those athletes should at least be making informed decisions about their usage.

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