More Results That The Cancer Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

Good news, research that was done over a four year period has revealed that the supplements vitamin D along with calcium can greatly reduce your risk of many types of cancer. The bad news is the American Cancer Society came out against it stating that no one should take supplements to prevent cancer. Go figure…

This really isn’t that surprising. The American Cancer Society has to many conflicts of interest with ties to big pharma, cancer equipment companies and corporations that profit from cancer. Cancer industry is big money so preventing cancer hits this wealthiest non-profit in America and others in the wallet.

The study took almost 1200 healthy women and divided them up into two groups. One was given calcium and vitamin D, the other was given placebo. Over the last three years, the first group that received the supplements, results showed an amazing over 75 percent cancer-risk reduction.

During the first year there was no significant difference in cancer incidence between the two groups, so it seems to show that taking these two supplements consistently over time can be effective in the prevention of cancer.

These results were achieved on what is considered to be a low dose of vitamin D and it is likely that high-grade calcium supplements were not used. Looking at it like this may mean and even greater number than over 75 percent by taking high-quality calcium and top-end vitamin D, such as from fish oil. Mix that in with a little sunlight exposure which helps our skin manufacture our own powerful vitamin D.

Just about everything we have been told about cancer by cancer institutions is simply not true. Billions of dollars have been poured into the cancer industry since the 1970’s when so many promises were made about curing cancer, but yet cancer rates are basically the same.

I look at these “cancer walks” and obviously the intent of those walking is good, but is the money generated really a search to prevent or cure cancer, or is it really just funding for some new drugs that can be patented and profit from cancer.

I am not making light of cancer and the fear it can bring if diagnosed. There needs to be some accountability within the cancer industry. Why is it that any cancer supplements or foods or herbs are always shot down? Naturopaths banned and forbidden to set up practice in the country?

Granted, there must be guidelines that do protect us from “quacks” who may want to administer some cure-all “magic elixer.” The cancer industry just seems to quick to oppose the fact that only manufactured drugs can be used, nothing natural is ever recommended. That may change if or when the only way to get vitamins is by prescription.

Here are our options according to conventional medicine… chemotherapy, radiation and other toxic methods intended to kill tumors, which are mere symptoms, not the cause. Chemo is like a poison, destroying immune function and can cause permanent damage to vital organs such as the heart, brain and to name a few.

In this case, ignorance is not bliss, but the FDA would want us to be. They will censor companies that dare mention anything to do with cancer prevention on their products. I’m going to let you in on some information, a heavy revelation. Raw apricot seeds, broccoli, garlic, onions, and sprouts all have powerful anti-cancer effects, as do many herbs around the world.

Cancer awareness means taking action in your own life to educate yourself and make changes where they need to be made. With the cancer industry as it is, it will be the same old story, don’t be bamboozled.

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