Supplements That Cause Cancer – Myth?

Health supplements can cause cancer? It’s not new to hear about a “study”” or “research” suggesting that some supplements can increase your probability of getting cancer. In fact, this is probably not the first time you’ve heard of it. Just what are these products? Vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene.

These days, the inclination to believe the supplement companies’ golden promise of health benefits is high. If you check the internet, you will see a variety of supplement companies in the whole world. A few of those even recruit members to distribute their products. Returning to the main topic, exactly why did these studies come out? Because this can be a generation where everyone works hard and all they have as back-up is a simple vitamin C or vitamin E supplement.

What’s the explanation for it?

They say that the antioxidants present in vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene are the main cause of break down of free radicals. There is really no solid proof in regards to this matter. Having said that, dietary supplements might not always be safe under all circumstances.

Precisely how famous dietary supplements are?

The demand for health supplements has grown over the years, proven by the proliferation of these companies. Health supplements in America have annual sales well over 29 billion dollars. This is in accordance with the scientist that made an assessment regarding these supplements, particularly antioxidants, vitamin D and calcium.

Cancer treatment centers in the US do not have anything to say in regards to this matter.

Advantages of vitamin E and its natural sources

The advantages of vitamin E are very extensive and well known. If a woman wants to have a better skin complexion or if she wishes to look even younger, then consuming vitamin E is one of the best options. The many benefits of vitamin E follows: it stimulates heart and respiratory health, supports the blood circulation, excellent for one’s brain, a good treatment for skin diseases and much more.

Food sources of vitamin E: sunflower seeds, nuts primarily almonds, fruits including kiwi and mango, spinach, breakfast cereals and fish.

Benefits of vitamin C and its natural sources

Vitamin C is one of the most significant vitamins our body demands. Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that is vital for one’s health. Vitamin C is a good immunity booster; it can help a person get rid of colds, and it decreases the risk of having hypertension and cataracts.

Food sources of vitamin C: parsley, broccoli, strawberries, oranges, lemon juice, papaya, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.

Advantages of beta carotene and its natural sources

This nutrient helps in avoiding night blindness along with other eye problems, enhances immunity versus skin diseases and guards you from toxins.

Food sources of beta carotene: yams, carrots, winter squash, romaine lettuce and broccoli.

So our body needs every one of these. Neither one of these ought to be missing in our daily lives. Many alternative cancer treatment centers would state that it is even better to consider the food sources rather than taking the capsule or tablet form. Regardless of how many studies come out, or a scientist says what, bottom line is, we’ve to take care of ourselves. It is important to have a balanced diet and take the right amount of vitamins that’s recommended by your medical doctor.

Overall, these supplements won’t kill you. The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t said anything regarding these myths. Let’s take a good look at this matter and wait until further studies and evidence have been released.

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