A Broad Overview Of The Different Types Of Dentists

Dentists are doctors that practice in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of issues related to the mouth and teeth. There are several different kinds of dental professionals. All children and adults should see a general dental professional for regular oral checkups. But there are several other specialists in the field that only treat certain conditions pertaining to the mouth and teeth.

Pediatric dental professionals only practice on infants, children and teens. These professionals monitor the development of the teeth in growing children. They can diagnosis future developmental problems that may require special attention as the child gets older. Pediatric specialists also teach children how to care for their teeth so they can develop good oral hygiene habits. Special skills are required by pediatric specialists and they must be able to work well with children.

Endodontists focus their practice on specific surgical procedures that deal with tooth pulp and the tissues that surround the root of a tooth. These specialists perform a number of different procedures but they are most known for conducting root canal surgery. Other treatments include endodontic retreatment, fixing broken teeth, and dealing with different types of dental trauma.

Oral surgeons, also known as maxillofacial surgeons, are dental professionals that treat different injuries to the mouth, gums, jaw and teeth. These specialist also treat defects and congenital malformations that affect the mouth and jaw. Oral surgeons treat patients that have experienced facial trauma, as well as those suffering from oral cancer.

Orthodontists are dental specialists that treat patients that have various irregularities with regarding the teeth and jaw. This may include over and under bites, jaw alignment as well as misaligned teeth. These specialists are known for applying braces to the teeth. This specialty was the first to treat malocclusions, which are improper bites. Orthodontic treatment may include serious dental displacement conditions or the treatment may be completely done for cosmetic reasons.

General family Dental professionals are the most seen practitioners by adults and children. This dental professionals provide a wide range of services for a number of different oral conditions. It is important to visit this kind of general oral physician at least twice per year. During these visits, the physician will check the health of the teeth and look for any irregularities or cavities. They will clean the teeth and provide any fillings if cavities are present.

All dental professionals must receive a dental education. They begin with a four year degree from a college or university and then go on to dental school. Additional education will be required for those seeking to specialize in a certain area of dentistry. Cosmetic dental procedures have become very popular in recent years and there are several dental professionals that specialize in this area.

Dentists are highly skilled physicians that treat many different types of conditions. Modern dentistry has improved many of the oral treatments that are available. Many surgeries require less downtime are are not as evasive as they were years ago. There are also many cosmetic procedures that improve the appearance of the teeth, that are performed by dental professionals that specialize in this kind of work.

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