Dental Oral Hygiene At Every Stage Of Life

Dental health plays a very important role in the maintenance of a healthy life; moreover it also helps in building of self confidence in a person. A person can have a good dental health, if he is aware of the oral health conditions. It is awareness that is required to stay ahead of the potential dental problems, and get a long lasting attractive smile. As the person grows up his requirements changes with the passage of time, this is something similar to the attention needed to maintain a good dental oral hygiene. The dental care of a human varies as he grows up and can be divided into four stages:


Dental care of a child starts even before its first tooth is grown. Child’s mouth should be cleaned with a damp cloth after every feeding so that growth of harmful bacteria’s could be avoided. And after a few of the milk teeth have grown up, teeth should be cleaned with a very soft toothbrush.
Also some parents keep the bottle in the mouth of their baby while sleeping; it is a bad practice and can harm the teeth of baby. Child should be taught about proper oral hygiene from the beginning, such as brushing twice in a day.


This age group is most vulnerable to the teeth problems, because of the eating habits that they are used to. They eat lots of sugar which makes acid in the mouth, leading to the erosion of the enamel and causing cavities.
Smoking also affects dental hygiene. Most of the teens smoke, due to sheer pressure from the group. So make sure your teen age kid have a good friend circle. This is the age group which is mostly concerned about their looks, but do not know about proper dental hygiene techniques, hence should be taught about taking proper care of the dental health, which includes brushing twice a day. A lot depends on the eating habits; a good eating habit not only keeps them healthy but also keeps their teeth in good condition.


This is the age group that is mostly affected with the some or the other form of dental disease, such as:
* Swollen gums, that have pus in between them,
* Loose gums,
* Cavities etc.
The adult need to be more careful about their dental care as, if their permanent teeth have any type of infection then the only solution for such case is the extraction of the tooth. The main reason behind most of the dental problems is the eating habit of the people. Just because modern lifestyle has left a very little room for the health care hence, the no. of person suffering from dental disease is increasing day.
Most of them are in belief that since they are grown ups they do everything right. But the truth is that many of us don’t even know the proper technique of teeth cleaning such as brushing and flossing. And there are also many people who just ignore the initial and vital signs of teeth problems and do not visit their dentist, resulting into many dental diseases, such as cavities, and sometimes ignorance can also lead to oral cancer if not treated at an early stage can prove to be fatal.
So one must always make a visit to his dentist once in 6 months and should maintain a healthy diet regime.

Older age:

A good oral dental health is essential for the people of older age. In this age a lot depends on the good dental health as a healthy mouth will assist you to eat properly and communicate properly and make you feel happy which will improve your overall health.
It becomes more important because in this age there is a greater chance that medication will affect your overall health and dental health which includes teeth, mouth and gums. Most of the people are not so lucky to have their all teeth with them till this age hence they use dentures, which should also be taken care of:

* Dentures should be stored in lukewarm water or denture cleaning liquid, and do not let them dry.
* It should be cleaned everyday, to prevent it from stains.
* Dentures should be replaced every 5 years.
Not only dentures, your gums also need some rest and attention so gums should be given a rest for at least 6-7 hrs.
* Older people could face problem while handling tooth brush so their toothbrush should have long handle and soft bristles.
* One of the things that should be kept in mind is that older people should visit their dentist regularly and inform them about any changes in the medicine.
* They should avoid tobacco products as it has a adverse affect on their dental helath as well as physical health.

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