Description about Cancer Treatment

Cancer is one of the leading death causes in India due to this daily hundreds of people died because they don’t take proper treatment of cancer. It is done as throat cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and so on. In Mumbai Kokilaben Hospital provides full treatment of breast cancer and others. And those people who suffers with cancer and they don’t have money for treatment they also take good treatment opportunity through Charitable Trust and other organizations who provides treatment at free of cost. This free of cost treatment will help in reducing death line. In this, people who suffer with cancer they lost own hairs and feel weakness in body.

In Cancer, merits are also available that are the use of multi- beam radiation caused by focus of high-energy cross-killing Cancer cells, strong-mitotic cells and Demerits are radiation therapy long period, which takes 1 to 2 months etc. For doing treatment of Cancer lots of the technologies are available with new techniques in Hospitals that helps the doctors for doing the success full Operation/Surgery. In you are suffering with Cancer Disease than you will take care of your Nutrition because Cancer and Cancer treatments will also affect your body’s ability. For a Person or a Child a good Nutrition food is needed but in this Doctor recommend Low Fiber diet for Diarrhea, Cramping or after some types of surgery. And some types of foods are also available which Fights to Cancer like- OILY FISH, CARROTS, RED and YELLOW PEPPER, SUNFLOWER SEEDS and NUTS. These all foods are help in fighting to Cancer and also help in recover fast from illness.

 In this diets are higher in Fruits because that prevents from the Lungs and Stomach Cancer.
 Eating vegetables in more quantity because it helps in decreasing the risk factor of Lungs and Mouth Cancer.
 Eating Oranges, Bell Peppers and Peas and other foods which contains high in Vitamin-C because it protects against Esophageal Cancer.

But now a days, treatment of any kind of cancer is available so, please do not wait for treatment because it is very hazardous to your health. The government is also provides helpline numbers for cancer patient for any kind of query make a call on helpline number. Therefore don’t take a risk for waiting of treatment of cancer because lots of the ways are available for take a treatment of any kind of Cancer.

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