How Drugs And Smoking Cigarettes Damage The Body

Some drugs can be very bad for your body and your mind. You need to be smart and not do this it can affect you so bad, which will cause damage to your body. There are so many drugs out there and they are all dangerous and yet people do them knowing what they can do to them. It can damage the inside and the outside of the body by causing it become weak, sick, or hospitalized. They can damage your nervous system, your, skin, organs, and more. Cigarettes are not considered a drug by most people, but they are highly addictive and are also one of the biggest killers.

Drugs can kill off brain cells or the nerves in your body which can cause may problems that will affect you in time. It can damage your mouth by eating away at the gum, teeth, tongue, and throat. Methamphetamine is known to do all these things as well as cigarettes. It can damage the skin of the mouth and it can go all the way through and cause sores and cancer. Methamphetamine can cause red infected sores and causes a lot of pain. Cigarettes do not do this normally, but smoking does cause the skin to age prematurely.

Parents need to to teach their children to stay way from drugs that are not prescribed for them by their doctor, show them what can or will happen to them if they become addicted to one or many different drugs. Cigarettes need to be discussed as well because this is nothing they need to do either. Every year more and more adults and kids are doing drugs do because there friends are doing it, because it makes them feel better at the moment. The feel good usually does not last long. These drugs can kill you, sometimes over time or if a lot is in the system, it can kill you fast, your life gone.

Why would you want that? Many drugs are addictive whether they are bought on the streets or prescribed by a doctor. and they will take over your lives. The drugs affect every part of the body, it is a silent killer. You need to stay away from any kind of drug or drugs you are not supposed to be taking. You need to keep your body healthy and in good condition if you want it to last for a very long time. Just make sure that any drugs that go into your body are the ones that are supposed to help you heal some ailment and not not just to make you feel good and get high.

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