Only in Japan Was This Supplement Available

For many years the only way to have access to this fantastic immune booster supplement was to live in Japan. During this era a company located in the U.S. formulated a similar product. Both products targeted the immune system specifically to prevent and treat cancer, and both proved their effectiveness.

AHCC is a “functional food” made through the hybridization of several kinds of mushrooms belonging to the Basidiomycetes family, including shiitake (Lentinula edodes), cultured in a liquid medium

In other words, this is an extract of several mushrooms which include the shiitake. These are considered medicinal mushrooms and are known for their ability to enhance macrophage and NK (Natural Killer) Cell Activity. NK cells and the intercellular mediators they produce are critical for the maintenance of healthy cell cycle function. In addition, NK cell numbers are dramatically increased in the presence of viruses.

The immunologic effects of Active Hemicellulose Compound (AHCC) therapy was evaluated for 12 months in 20 HIV positive homosexual men.

The results were: 1) Significant induction of NK cytotoxicity occurred at one month (220%) and maximized at 3 mon (440%) and was maintained at this high level. 2) Marked increase in the absolute CD4+ cell counts in 14/20 patients (120%) at one month and continued at the same level. 3) No change in percentage of CD4+ cells. 4) Significant increase in absolute CD8 cell counts in 12/20 patients (137%). 5) No change in CD4/CD8 ratio.

The conclusion is: That AHCC is a potent immunomodulator, with potential therapeutic role in the stimulation of host immune response against HIV.

Our immune system stands between us and the rest of the world. If our bodies did not have an immune system we would be overcome by bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses and cancer cells. Our immune system is quite complex and is composed of a large array of specialized immune cells that identify, seek out and destroy microbes, pathogens and tumor/cancel cells.

Something is produced in the immune system called natural killer (NK) cells. They rapidly attack any potential threats. This is the “front-line” defense system. What actually happens is that the NK cells attach themselves to the surface of cancer cells and inject a chemical hand grenade (this is a “granule”) into the cancer cell. Then it explodes killing and bacteria or virus. The NK cell remains undamaged and continues to move from cancer cell to cancer cell doing its killing job.

As we age our immune systems lose their efficiency and the NK cells slow down and don’t kill off all the bad, bad cancer cells quick enough. You can now see the importance to keep our immune system strong as we age and there is only one way to do it, with supplements. High quality supplements.

Consumption is oral. For those persons with cancer, AIDS, and other life-threatening conditions, 6 capsules a a day is the minimum dose. Spread the doses eventually throughout the day so that the body has a constant supply of nutrients to keep increased NK cell activity an a high constant level.

Dosage: A high dosage should be maintained for minimum of 3 weeks and it some cases should be extended to 8-10 weeks. Once it is proven that all cancer markers have been reduced substantially wherein the patient has shown a major reduction of cancer markers and energy and vitality have returned, then and only then can a reduction to 3 capsules a day can is possible.

In summary, this is one of several immune system enhancement or boosting products that should be considered because of it unique approach to improving health.

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