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The holidays are a great excuse to carry style — with whatever definition or purpose — over into interior decor. This season The Plaza Hotel did just that and commissioned the ever-youthful designer Betsey Johnson to put together a Christmas essential every inner girly girl should be giddy about: an Eloise Christmas tree.

This isn’t Betsey’s first collaboration with the swanky hotel. She held a fashion show in 2009 and created the Eloise suite for the hotel’s fictional resident in 2010.

We suggest stopping by the tree and Betsey Johnson’s pop-up shop, especially while taking in the windows of nearby Bergdorf Goodman and Tiffany & Co.

The tree (and matching wreaths) are on display to the public until January 4, 2012.

Elizabeth Lilly, Beauty Editor

Beauty should be fun, and nail art is just the thing to fit that bill every single time. As we’re always looking for some new nail art inspiration around here, we naturally couldn’t wait for Nails Inc. magnetic nail polish to make its way over the pond. It’s basically lazy nail art in a bottle! (We do have to do other things besides paint our nails.)

Nails Inc., an established UK brand, has long been in the forefront of on-trend colors and spunky names (i.e. The Thames, a dark cement gray). It’s no surprise it’s the first to venture into magnetic nail polish.

But how does it work?  Magnets in the polish create a wavy design when exposed to the mini magnet built into the bottle’s lid. First, start with a base coat (like you should anyway), paint one coat of the magnetic polish and paint a generous second coat. Then immediately hold the magnetic lid above the nail for 10-15 seconds. Follow up with a top coat to keep your wavy nail design intact. (We found it beneficial to paint and magnetize one nail at a time. The design effect is also better when the polish is exposed to the magnet for 15 seconds.)

Currently, the polish is only available in three colors: Trafalgar Square, Houses Of Parliament (left) and Whitehall Teal. In the U.S., they’re available exclusively at Sephora for 6 each. However, when looking for a better deal, we suggest investing in the Magnetic Polish Trio for $30.

See the polish in action:

Get a better image of what we might be expecting by looking at Marni’s recent collections.

Brent Ramsey, Executive Editor

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