Somaticcounselling – somatic counselling


What came first: The chicken
or the egg?

I am sure you have heard this question before!

Over the past 10 years I have provided health care to the public in varying
and I have learned that the chicken / egg problem is
ever present.

Did the circumstances cause my problems, or did my problems cause my

And should it matter that much? How about getting an holistic approach since you are yourself a whole person and not a half. An approach for your physical as your mental needs.

Our body’s store all memories. Very often, those traumatizing experiences control our life’s and reflect in our movement, or better limit our movement, our life experiences. I believe that the body is a mirror of our soul.
Many physical therapies address our physical needs, but what happens when these old memories get triggered? Who do we talk to, how do we work and learn to let go of those old memories?

I found that the health care field is divided
in two fractions. Those who treat physical ailments, and those who treat
psychological ailments.

When I studied Feldenkrais or Massage Therapy
we were not trained in addressing the different psychological  problems, and
when I learned Counselling I was strongly discouraged to get touch involved.

Through my very own experience and those of the people I had the honor working with I learned that different approaches are needed at different times.
My training allows me to either treat the
body or attend to the psychological needs, or combine both.

I call it SomaticCounselling.

Life is an adventure, and so should be yours.
By exploring your own frontiers y
ou can only win.

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