Wararka soomaaliya

The Indian police have arrested around 26 students most of whom were Somalis these students have been accused of breaking the law in Hyderabad province of India.

Some of those accused were found chewing Mira which is an stimulant drug banned in that country moreover they use drug abuse illegally. 

The committee who apprehended this group of student was named mehdipatnam has said other students caught from the province were mostly foreigners.according to the news these students resided one of the apartments in Hyderabad province where they lived but they were found to have knocked off learning and get addicted to illegal drug abuse.               

Besides other students whose nationalities were identified as Ethiopia Rwanda and Nigeria were also arrested and flown to Mumbai some of these students have been snatched from their identification in that country and torn off. 

Most of the students arrested were teenagers who didn’t stay the country for so long according to the information these students will be transferred to the police in humanyunnagar in to carryout further investigation on them. 

Quiet very many students who study overseas were alleged to be practicing unlawful acts such as drug abuse which is contrary to the law in most foreign countries it is also found that these students transact harmful drugs in the country in which they are studying while their parents sent them study overseas.

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