Mogadishu university – institute of nurse and health sciences (inhs)

Historical chronicle of MU

  1. June, 1993, The idea of establishing private University came about when a number of professors of Somali National University and prominent Somali intellectuals congregated in Mogadishu to discuss problems of the students of the destroyed Somali National University. The group decided to form the “University of Eastern Africa” in the Southern part of Mogadishu. However civil war spread out in the designated University site and properties were looted. Therefore, the project was halted for security reason.
  2. July, 20, 1995, The same group convened again and after a long discussion agreed to form “National Institution for Private Education” (NIPE). They also discussed the proposal of establishing “Teachers Training Institute” (TTI). The rational behind that idea was to meet emerging and acute need for qualified teachers in the newly established private schools all over the country. Finally, a committee under NIPE was formed to study the proposal and to report to the group in their next meeting.
  3. August 9, 1996, the group met for the third time and listened to the reports of the committee who forwarded a proposal to establish full-fledged private university before the year 2000. The proposal was duly accepted. The committee was given a mandate to visit private universities in many countries such as Yemen, Jordan, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Sudan and Egypt. Within a year, the committee paid a visit to the universities in these countries. In addition to that, the committee had prepared all required work to open the University within the year 1997.


  4. September 22, 1997, Mogadishu University was officially opened as a private institution of higher learning, governed by the Board of Trustees and University Council.

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