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Studies indicate that there is an increased chance of people who take Actos experiencing heart attacks. Despite these studies, the manufacturers of the drug have taken almost no steps to warn people of the devastating effects that the drug can have on their health. This, in addition to their expensive marketing campaigns, has led to more and more people to being exposed to heart attacks while the manufacturers of the drug continue to enjoy record profits.

As a consumer, you have rights to be informed of the dangers posed by any drug to your health. Where any manufacturer fails to ensure that this is done, he is in violation of the law and your rights. In case you suffer any harm as a result of the product for which no sufficient warning was given, you have a right to sue in court so as to get compensated. This applies to users to users who have suffered heart attacks as a result of use of the drug. It is possible for such patients to successfully ask a court of law to award them compensation for any pain, suffering and expenses incurred as a result of use of the drug.

Actos And Heart Attacks: What the Studies Show

Studies have consistently linked Actos to heart attacks. There have been even warnings from health agencies all over the world about the dangers of taking such a drug. Calls for its withdrawal from the market have also been registered. Heart attacks are one of the most devastating effects of the drug. This lies in the fact that the drug has the effect of lowering the amount of hemoglobin in the blood when performing its functions. The resultant effect of this is that the blood’s capacity to effectively transport oxygen to all parts of the body hampered. Ischemia may then follow. As a result of the insufficient supply of blood around the body, various parts of the body may not function well, and this includes the heart, since it also needs oxygen for the proper functioning of its muscles.

Heart attacks may also result due to the fact that the drug usually causes an increase in the fluid retained by the body. The resultant effect of fluid retention is the gradual increase in weight which is may result in heart problems. There are the low energy levels and consistent breathing problems conditions which may result into congestive heart failure. This may also lead to other complications that might be life threatening.

Actos and Heart Attacks: File a Lawsuit

Where you or your loved one suffers from a heart attack which results from use of the drug, a right to sue the manufacturers arises. The person that suffers the heart attack will have the right to sue the manufacturers for failing to produce a drug that is safe for human consumption and also for failing to give sufficient warning of its dangerous side effects. To successfully exercise your rights, you will have to act immediately by contacting us so as to avoid a situation whereby your rights cannot be enforced as a result of delay in claiming compensation.

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